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Just keep swimming

09 September 2014 James Nash

Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming

How regular swimming benefits you

As if you needed more reasons to jump on in!

Swimming offers so many benefits; however the main advantage of swimming is that it is the only workout that burns major kilojoules and firms every muscle in your body without putting stress on any of your joints.

Here are some other great benefits of regular swimming:

Shapes your body
If you are looking to slim down and shape up this summer, look no further than your backyard pool. Swimming burns fat, builds muscle and can be heaps of fun! You don’t have to be racing up and down the pool to reap the benefits either, as even recreational swimmers have slimmer waists and better muscle tone than non-swimmers.

Kick starts your metabolism
Because swimming builds lean muscle, it fires up your metabolism to continue burning energy long after you’ve hopped out of the pool. This means your body will torch more kilojoules during periods of rest, as muscle naturally burns more energy than fat.

just2Keeps you feeling young
Regular swimming lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, is linked to improved cardiovascular health and lowers the risk of diabetes. It is also a form of exercise that is accessible to people of all ages, so the benefits can be gained by anyone.

Boosts brain power
Because swimming can be a very gentle exercise, it can help with stress reduction. Even for those who need a hard exercise session to blast away stress, swimming can be a perfect way to do that too. Also, the sound of splashing water can be therapeutic for some, as can the smooth feeling of water gliding over your skin.

Family bonding
Swimming is an activity the whole family can get involved in, and it’s fun! With childhood obesity on the rise, getting the kids out of the house, away from their screens and moving in any way is crucial for their future health. Swimming can be made extra fun for the kids with a heap of pool toys and games available.

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