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Acid Wash Promo

04 April 2014 Natalie Darnell

Acid Wash Promo

Swimart Can Make Your Pool Look Like New Again!


If your pool surface contains unsightly stains, scale or black spot Swimart can help make it look like new again.

Pool stains are usually the result of chemical imbalance accumulated over a period of time in the pool water. This build up is a result of topping up the water, using liquid chlorine, using algaecides containg metals, oxidation and from salt added to a salt chlorinated pool. Stains can also be caused by organic matter like leaves, which get stuck to pool surfaces and leave a stain when removed.

Scale, on the other hand, is formed when there is excessive calcium and a general imbalance in pool water. A high pH, alkalinity or hardness also contribute to scale build-up.

An Acid Wash is the most complete treatment to remove ugly stains, scale or black spot from your pool.

The team from Swimart can come to your pool and:

  • Get rid of stains, scale and black spot
  • Remove any persistent algae strains and spores
  • Remove unsightly discoloration from years of using copper based algaesides, and
  • Make your pool look like new again.
We'll need to drain your pool for this service so now's the time to act, while your family is not swimming in your pool.

Click on the link below to contact your local Swimart and enquire about an Acid Wash Solution for your pool.

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