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Pool operation explained

04 April 2014 Raymond Estevao

Pool operation explained

Pool Operation Explained... How Everything Works Together

Chances are, if you have a pool you are very familiar with how all of the equipment works to keep the water clean and healthy; however, sometimes it’s good to step back and review the most important components and catch up with the latest technology developments!

Essential equipment and how it works:


  • Filter and filter media

Your filter is the key to keeping your pool water clean and healthy; without it, maintaining your pool would be a constant battle. Regularly checking your filter for damage, plus backwashing it, should keep it in good working order.

Glass Pearls are the most effective pool filter medium. They are superior to sand and capable of filtering water down to three microns, delivering better filtration and cleaner, clearer pool water. Using Glass Pearls results in up to 20 per cent less water used in the backwashing process and reduces the frequency of backwashing, saving you time and saving even more water!
Depending on the type of filter media you use, you may need to change it frequently. Your local Swimart offers filter checks and media change services.

  • Pump

Your pump is what keeps everything moving through the filtration system, and prevents water from becoming stagnant. This piece of equipment should not be left running constantly, but should be turned on for a few hours a day to keep everything moving. In winter you may be able to reduce the running time depending on your pool’s needs. There are conventional pool pumps (limited to one set speed) and for a more energy efficient solution there are multiple speed settings, which enable the pump to be more efficient in its energy usage.

  • Sanitiser 


Also a crucial part of your pool’s operation is your choice of chemical sanitisation; traditional chlorine and salt chlorinators are the most common forms on the market. Ensure you use and store all chemicals correctly, as some can be harmful when mixed with other products, spilled on clothing or skin or left open.
Keeping up regular doses (or letting your automated system do the work!) will help ensure your pool water stays clean and healthy. Swimart now stocks a brand new chlorine-free system, the Hydroxypure, which could be considered as an alternative to traditional sanitisation methods.


Non-essential (but very handy!) equipment:

  • Automatic pool cleaner
    These are heaven sent if you are very time poor; automated cleaners are easy to set to a timer and will save you loads of effort and time on maintenance work! You may still need a good old fashioned net to catch any floating debris, but overall an automatic pool cleaner will help you out a great deal.
  • Heating system (gas, solar, heat pump)
    The cooler months don’t have to spell the end of the swimming season! Pool heating systems are the ultimate luxury, as you can then enjoy having your pool at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Pool cover
    A pool cover is a great option for those wanting to decrease the environmental impact of their pool. Pool covers reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation, plus help keep the water cleaner and warmer. They’re particularly good if you have a pool heating system, as the cover will trap heat when you are not using the pool, which will save on energy costs.


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