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Rise of the Modern Swimming Pool

03 March 2014 Raymond Estevao

Rise of the Modern Swimming Pool

Rise of the modern swimming pool

Having a pool in your backyard may seem commonplace now, however it was only 80 years ago that this luxurious addition became available to the general public. Having evolved from the large public bathing houses in Ancient Rome to the private, fully automated and sanitised pools we see today, we take you through some of the historic milestones of the swimming pool.



In the early 19th century, the majority of pools were for competitive swimming or were large public swimming pools that, for the extremely poor, became a cheap place to bathe. Filtration and chlorination were the biggest innovations since the creation of the swimming pool, brought in amid concerns for public health around the turn of the 20th century.

Previous to this development, a very basic system of emptying and refilling the pool existed, which was a huge inconvenience for all involved and did nothing to stop the growth of harmful bacteria between emptying.

Once proper sanitisation became available, more and more public and sporting pools began cropping up all over the world, some of which were very spectacular in their design.

However it was only after the Second World War when swimming pools became an option for a household of average means; that is, private swimming pools were previously only financially an option for the super wealthy.

This is when having disposable income, and education and a home became part of the middle class way of life, and so swimming pool manufacturers could finally see an opening market for their product. This is when the swimming pool industry started to grow exponentially.

In the last half a century, the swimming pool and the technology that comes with it have continued to improve the water quality, reduce the amount of maintenance for pool owners and increase enjoyment for all.

Chlorine is no longer the only sanitation choice, with more natural products entering the market and enjoying a great deal of popularity in recent years, and automated cleaning and sanitising equipment has become the norm for many families that own a backyard swimming pool.


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