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Cloud, cloud go away

10 October 2013 James Nash

Cloud, cloud go away

Cloud, cloud go away

Preventing cloudy water

Cloudy water is the most recurring problem faced by pool owners; this is caused by tiny particles that are suspended in the water. Particles such as dirt, dust, and lint are generally brought into the pool by the swimmer, while the pool surrounds often contribute particles such as leaves, bugs, and other organic material, which break up in the pool water.

Luckily, Swimart stocks two solutions to the problem; adding aluminum sulfate or specially designed polymers to your pool water can help bring back the sparkle.

Aluminum sulfate

The aluminum forms a gel-like precipitate that bridges or sticks together. The alum precipitate then forms small bundles (called flocs) that trap suspended particles as they fall through the water. This bridging process is known as flocculation. It creates a large amount of sediment on the bottom of the pool made up of both the dirt (suspended particles) and the gel-like alum precipitate. The sediment is then vacuumed out.


The polymers work in a similar way to the aluminum sulfate; their long molecular structure attracts smaller particles (due to its charged nature) and they clump together to form one particle. These larger particles can therefore be removed from the water by filtration or by vacuuming.

If the purpose is to clarify slightly cloudy or hazy water, it is better to use a water clarifier than aluminum, as it is faster and less of a hassle to use. If the water is really dirty -- if you can only see down into the water an inch or two -- then a one-time dose of aluminum may be better than multiple doses of a water clarifier.

cloud3Fix the problem

Swimart offers several specialty chemicals that can rid you of cloudy water. These include:

  • Aquashine 1 Shot
  • Supa-Floc

Visit your local Swimart store and ask one of our friendly staff what they recommend.


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