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Turn up the heat

08 August 2013 swimart

Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat

Spa care and maintenance tips

Although your pool and spa are essentially quite similar, caring for your spa properly requires different treatment. Because of its small size, high temperature and state of constant aeration, the conditions in your spa place can wreak havoc upon the sanitisation, water balance and pH levels.

Despite this, there is a simple three-step program that can help you keep your spa in tip-top condition:

  1. Maintaining correct water balance: Spa water is treated more rigorously than pool water. While the heat and turbulence create a relaxing environment for the spa user, these conditions are not quite as ‘friendly’ to the spa fixtures. The overall pH of your spa should be checked weekly so that the perfect spa conditions are maintained.
  2. Water sanitation: Spa water is typically much hotter than pool water, so it requires a harder sanitiser. Ensure you select a sanitiser that is specifically formulated for hot water, as it needs to work much harder than a typical sanitiser.
  3. Water sparkle: The clarity of spa water can be dramatically affected by the spa’s heat and turbulence. To counteract this effect it is recommended to replace 10% of the spa water weekly, and to follow this with an addition of a shock chemical. This will help to clarify the water and restore the sparkle.

Swimart offers the most comprehensive range of spa products. Ask the friendly staff at your nearest store about the following products:

  • Aqua~Health
  • Aquaspa
  • Pool and Spa Poppits

story1bYour maintenance routine

Even when you are not using your spa, it is still vital to keep up regular maintenance.

Here’s what Swimart recommends:

Daily:  Check the sanitiser and pH level
Weekly: Oxidise spa water with a non-chlorine shock
Fortnightly/Monthly: Clean the cartridge filter and rebalance the water chemistry

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