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All hands on deck

07 July 2013 swimart

All hands on deck

All hands on deck

Modern pool decking alternatives

One of the best ways to update the look of your pool without ripping the entire thing out is to change the decking to a more modern material.
With growing emphasis upon unified indoor and outdoor design, people want their outdoor entertainment areas to look just as good as their interiors.
There are plenty of stylish choices for your pool decking. Here’s a quick wrap up of the most popular options…

Natural stone

A stylish choice, natural stone is usually more expensive than other decking materials and requires special care when it comes to sealing and preventing stains.

Stone from your local area will blend in well with the natural surroundings of your pool, and will be cheaper to transport, however stones from overseas can lend an exotic touch for those looking for something unique.

The rough surface of natural stone makes them perfect for positioning immediately around the pool, an area that is very prone to becoming slippery.



Not as prevalent as they used to be, tiles are still a classic choice for your pool surrounds. Usually reserved for feature walls or mosaics, tiles can also be used across the whole pool deck to create intricate patterns.

Larger tiles lend themselves to a more simple, traditional look. In terms of practicality, some tiles may need a special finish to increase slip resistance, as they are usually very smooth.



Concrete pavers or blocks are very practical choice, and in recent years have experienced a shake up in terms of design flexibility, as they are now available in a range of colours and shapes.

Lighter coloured concrete is one of the most popular options, as it is very fresh looking and remains cool to your feet even under the blazing summer sun, while darker or coloured concrete give a very sleek finish.

The biggest bonus of concrete is its low cost; however be aware that concrete is prone to cracking and may need to be replaced every few years.





Timber decking is not traditionally used in close quarters to the pool; however, with more and more using timber in unconventional ways, the material is now a trendy choice.

Wood is generally cooler under foot than tiles or pavers, and also provides a smoother surface. However it may be prone to mould or rot, as the moisture from the pool can trigger these growths.

Regular checks for rot and pressure washing can keep these problems at bay.

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