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Its shocking

05 May 2013 swimart

Its shocking

It’s shocking!

Why you should shock your pool

Your pool is exposed to a large amount of foreign material; bird and other animal droppings, leaf litter, dead bugs, sunscreen lotions, sweat and other contaminants brought in by wild or windy weather are just some of the organic and inorganic wastes that wind up in there.

With all this (and more!) floating around in your pool, it makes you wonder how clean the water really is.

Regular doses of chlorine definitely help the situation; however, working a shock treatment into your pool maintenance routine can take your pool from clean to sparkling clean.

Here’s the low down on shock treatments.

Why shock?

Unlike chlorination, shocking removes or destroys ammonia and nitrogen compounds, which include organic and inorganic materials (called chloramines) that are introduced into the water by swimmers, such as sweat, sunscreen, urine and makeup, and those brought in by weather or animals such as dead bugs, and droppings.

Non-chlorine shock treatments contain permonosulphate, which oxidises the waste without any new chloramines forming.

The main idea of shocking your pool is to rid the water of these elements so the regular doses of chlorine can properly do its job without interference or resistance. Shock treatments do not kill bacteria or disinfect the water, but rather control these organic and inorganic compounds, while chlorine sanitises.

Get the best results

poolshock1Shocking is considered a better alternative to chucking in a super-sized dose of chlorine that is supposed to give the pool a more intense clean than the usual dose of chlorine.

There are many advantages to administering a proper pool shocking; the correct dosage is easy to administer, you can swim a few hours after treatment, it prevents odours and irritation to eyes and ears and it makes the water less prone to algal blooms and cloudiness. The product also does not leave any residue in the water, and is safer to handle than other pool chemicals.

There are two simple steps to shocking your pool effectively:

  1. Establish the amount of chloramines in the water (take a water sample into your local Swimart for a free test and we can figure it out for you!)
  2. Administer the appropriate dose of shock treatment

Wait a few hours before allowing any swimmers into the pool and that’s it! Work this into your pool maintenance routine every month or so.

How shocking

Visit your local Swimart store to find the latest products for restoring your pool to its former glory.

  • Aqua Health Ultra Shock
  • Aqua Health Pool Shock

Let someone else do the hard work; book in one of Swimart’s home services that include a full shock and chlorination of your pool, giving you more time to relax and the peace of mind knowing your pool is being taken care of by a professional

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