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Super simple chlorination

01 January 2013 swimart

Super simple chlorination

Super simple chlorination

Whether you are the sort of pool owner who tips in a whole bucket of chlorine at random, or someone who doses their pool regularly with a carefully measured dosage, an automatic pool chlorinator can make maintaining your pool’s chlorine levels much easier.

Chlorinators automatically dispense a certain amount of chlorine into the pool, eliminating the need to sanitise your pool so often by keeping the chlorine levels constant. They can be used in a pool or spa, and some even maintain themselves, and/or are controlled by a remote. What could be better?

Automatic advantage
The main benefit of an automatic chlorinator is that you can relax about maintaining the chlorine levels, as the device does this for you. The only thing you need to do is check the levels every week or so.

Another advantage is being able to control the dosage, making it easy for you to super chlorinate your pool whenever you wish at the push of a button. Some chlorinators also check the pH of the pool and warn you when there is an imbalance, or even correct it themselves by altering the dosage.

The dose is measured in grams per hour; usually chlorinators can dose between 15-35grams, with bigger pools needing the full 35 gram dosage. This dosage may be higher or lower depending upon what climate you live in, and how much sun your pool is exposed to, as sunlight breaks down chlorine. If you wish to keep your chlorine dose low, purchasing a pool cover or a stabilising product will help.

The different types of pool chlorinator include salt, tablets and chlorine feeders. Choosing a good quality chlorinator will be a better choice in the long run as they will last longer and are less likely to have issues, though they might initially be more expensive.

Let’s take a look at a few different pool chlorinators available from Swimart:

The Electrochlor Salt Water Pool Chlorinator
This salt chlorinator uses electrolysis to extract chlorine from the salt as it passes through the device. The chlorine is then distributed in selected doses and time intervals. Salt water chlorinators are great for people who prefer to use fewer chemicals in their pool. The Electrochlor has the added bonus of being self cleaning, which means it is particularly low maintenance.

With a five-year warranty, this chlorinator is built to last from the moment it is plumbed in line with the pool equipment.

Waterking tablet feeder
This tablet feeder can be filled with chlorine tablets or bromine depending on your pool’s needs. The tablets are then dispensed into your pool when required, taking the hard work out of dosing your pool. The Waterking is a particularly low cost form of automatic sanitisation, and is guaranteed to be a long lasting solution to your pool chlorination needs with its robust construction, corrosion and UV resistant casing.

Very easy to use and control, simply insert tablets and away you go. The only downside to this sort of chlorinator is that they usually do not check the pool’s pH, only the chlorine levels.

Tri Intelligent Water Care System
This chlorine feeder uses inbuilt intelligence to deliver a programmed dose of chlorine at set intervals. The bonus of this system is that it not only manages the dosage, but also monitors pool chemistry and alerts you if there is a problem.

In addition to detecting a problem with the water balance, the device also adjusts its dosage to fix the problem. The pH of the pool is also not a worry with this system in place. Plus, if you want to be in even more control, you can also purchase a remote to make controlling the water care system even easier.

If you need further information on the types of chlorinators on the market and what best suits your pool, don’t hesitate to contact your local Swimart pool technician.

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