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Pools More Popular Than Ever

01 January 2013 Natalie Darnell

Pools More Popular Than Ever

Pools More Popular Than Ever

Swimart summer survey results

Thank you to all those who participated in our spring/summer survey! In addition to providing us with valuable information so that we are able to better understand your needs, your responses also showed us how much you all love your pools! Here’s a rundown of our findings from the survey.

You guys sure are clued in about what your pool is worth, with an amazing 90% of you indicating you believe your pool adds value to your home, up from 85% last year.

The same percentage would rather swim in their pool than at the beach! You gave us some very compelling (and amusing!) reasons as to why this is; most believe their pool is safer, more private and convenient than the beach, and as a bonus has no crowds, sand or sharks.

In terms of heating, its seems most of us don’t feel the need for heating, and those that do have opted for an environmentally friendly heating method, with 62% indicating they do not have any form of heating for their pool, and 34% saying they had solar heating.

Growing up with a pool in the backyard seems to be the Aussie way, with nearly 70% of respondents indicating they had a pool growing up, and another 13% saying they learnt to swim in their backyard pool. The survey also indicated that you mainly use your pools for relaxation, followed by family time, entertaining and fitness.

There is still room for improvement in terms of having an environmentally friendly pool; just over half of respondents said they made an effort to make their pool more energy efficient and less chemical heavy by using solar powered pumps or low chlorine salt chlorinators. Salt chlorination remains dominant over traditional chlorine as the primary form of sanitisation, with 70% of people indicating they used a salt sanitiser.
What’s the best thing about your pool?newsletter_summersurvey3

“I have so many childhood memories from the pool I grew up in, hopefully it will now bring lots more new memories for my own children”

“I can escape the housework and keep my cool by relaxing with a cocktail, floating in the pool with a good book-heaven!”

“Great family time spent around the pool in summer, great for exercise too”

“It’s a relief on hot days after a hard day’s work”

“It is convenient and I like to keep it in top order. It looks great sitting below an elevated retained garden, surrounded by a timber deck.”

“Being able to use it whenever you like without having to travel to public pool or drive to beach. Just sitting looking at the water is relaxing. We all love it!”


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