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Cool pools crazy stuff

01 January 2013 swimart

Cool pools crazy stuff

Cool pools, Crazy stuff

There really isn’t a limit when it comes to designing quirky pools, as these amazing examples show!

Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

Incorporating three pools set to different temperatures - cold, warm and hot – visitors can choose which one suits them best.

Overlooking Victoria Harbour, it’s the place to be seen when the sun goes down, with feature lighting giving guests the feeling of swimming amongst the bright city lights.

Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, South Africa

If you dare, take a dip in the Devil’s Pool in South Africa.

Located on top of one of the world’s largest waterfalls and designed by Mother Nature herself, swimmers are protected from being swept over the edge of the waterfall by a protective wall that can’t be seen from the shoreline.

However, once you’re in, you can enjoy the magnificent view over the falls in relative safety.

Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas

Built around a giant tank filled with various marine life, this pool in the Golden Nugget Casino cost nearly $30 million to complete. Be warned though, amongst the tank’s residents are a few sharks, so swimming in this pool might not be for everyone.

To add to the craziness of this pool, there is also a three storey waterslide that runs through the middle of the tank.

The Library Blood-Red Pool, Koh Samui, Thailand

Set against a stunning tropical backdrop, this pool is truly a contrast to the gorgeous blue water just across the sand. Interestingly, the red colour of the water is not a result of dyeing, but rather just the effect the red, orange and yellow tiles used on every surface have created.

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