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Bikini Still Number One

01 January 2013 Natalie Darnell

Bikini Still Number One

Bikini Still Number One

Swimart’s swimwear survey reveals most popular styles and colours

The humble bikini, which this year celebrated its 67th birthday, still remains the most popular swimwear style for the ladies. In its recent survey on swimwear purchasing habits, Swimart found that one in two women prefer the briefer style, whilst around 35 per cent of women prefer one piece costumes. 

“The bikini is an Australian summer wardrobe staple and it will be for years to come,” Tamara Bykerk, designer of Baku & Ginja swimwear and owner of Bikini Island says. “One-pieces also have their place in the market for similar reasons; some women feel more comfortable in them and some wear them for fashion.

“I think generally we have a really positive outlook on health and lifestyle and this is reflected in our mentality towards swimwear.”

Swimart ambassador and former Olympic champion Susie O’Neill loves the practicality some two piece swimsuits offer her.

“I prefer to wear two piece sports bathers rather than any fashion oriented bikinis,” Susie says.
“A practical swimsuit that looks good is much better for me, as I am very active in the water and the fashionable pieces often aren’t conducive to a bit of movement.”

Susie’s choice of colour in swimwear also reflects that of the everyday Aussie, with most respondents preferring cool colours such as blues and greens. A quarter of respondents prefer warmer colours (reds, pinks, orange, yellow).

Looking ahead, top trends for this summer include bright patterns and sport luxe.

“I think the top trends for this season will be mix and match separates in plain, block colours and digitally printed pieces in bright florals and patterns,” says Tamara. “Sporty styles with simple detailing like multi-straps, zips and high neck bras will also be big.”

In store still popular
Nearly two thirds of Australians still head in store to buy their swimwear – despite the growth in online retail.

“There has been an overall shift from bricks and mortar stores to online shopping, but swimwear doesn’t appear to have suffered and we believe it’s because women really want to try before they buy,” says Tamara.

“Body shapes differ hugely when it comes to swimwear. Some women may have a size eight bottom and an F-cup chest, which is why the in-store experience is hard to replicate. They may need to try several different styles and sizes before they find the one that looks and feels great!”

Meanwhile the blokes are giving their budgie smugglers a rest, with the survey showing that one quarter prefer to wear board shorts.

Other fun facts the Swimwear survey revealed include

  • Half of respondents have a different pair of swimmers for the beach and pool
  • The majority of people (just over 75 per cent) prefer to choose a swimsuit that is both practical and looks good
  • Nearly half of respondents owned between 3 and 5 pairs of swimmers
  • Nearly 70 per cent of people are covering up with a shirt or other piece of clothing when sitting around the pool
  • More than half of respondents buy a new costume every year

Half of respondents indicated they usually spend between $50-100 on their swimsuit, while only 36 per cent spend over $100.


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