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Intranet FAQs

08 August 2012 swimart

What is the intranet for?

The intranet is the place where Swimart can communicate and provide information to franchisees in a private environment. It is also intended as a tool for Franchisees to find news about products and services as well as share knowledge within the Swimart Franchisee network.


The Intranet contains material which should only be viewed by Swimart Franchisees and employees. There are 2 levels of access, determined by the user name and password you log-in with:

1. Franchisee Access: Allows access to the Franchisee Tab which gives access to Individual Store Reports. The franchisee tab also provides information to franchisees about products, provides manuals for the stores, informs of upcoming events etc.
2. Employee Access: No access to your individual Store Reports.

It is important that Franchisees do not share their Franchisee Access details with anyone. Employee Access details should not be shared with any non-swimart employees.

For extra security, every time you have finished using the intranet, please click the 'Logout' button next to your store name at the top of the page.

How do I navigate around the intranet?

At the top of all pages of the intranet the grey navigation strip allows you to navigate around the entire intranet. Roll over each sections to reveal drop-down menus that link to various pages within that section.

How do I update my Swimart website Store Page?

Click the big 'Edit Your Page' button on the Intranet home page, which will take you to an editing window where you can make changes to your store page (which is located in the main Swimart website).

Note that for your convenience and security, we have setup the Store Page to be accessable via your Staff login details only. Once you have submited any updates to the page, it will appear on the live website once approved by Swimart Head Office.

What's in the intranet?

Firstly you will see the Intranet navigation in the grey bar at the top. There are Quick links to the latest 'In The Swim' and a button to edit your store page which is located in the main Swimart website.

Things to keep an eye on are the LATEST UPDATES, which will tell you every time new material is added to the intranet and contains important announcements from Swimart.

You will also see the latest UPCOMING CALENDAR DATES, which you can click on to read about in more detail. There is also a button at the bottom of the list which takes you to VIEW ALL CALENDAR EVENTS.

Remember to scroll down the page so you don't miss anything!

This area houses the Photo Galleries, Statistics, 'In The Swim' archive, Industry News and the Events Calendar.

The next upcoming 10 calendar events are highlighted on the home page, to make it easy for you to keep an eye on those...

In here you will find Swimart Policies & Procedures, Franchise Announcements, Meeting Details, Forms, Videos and various marketing and advertising Reports.

Individual store reports are restricted to viewing by the Franchisees who are logged in at Franchisee Access level.

Get access to product training manuals, videos and eLearning Modules within this section.

In here you will find information about the various Swimart Incentive programs.

See the latest Marketing and Advertising offers and information within here.

This area contains Manuals for Store Fit-outs, Local Area Marketing, Training and Corporate Brand Usage.

From here you can download or order Business cards, Tickets, Vehicle Graphics, Signage and Forms.

Download data or watch videos about various Swimart products and services

You're here right now! This should be the first place you come to is you have any questions about the Swimart Franchisee Intranet. If you can't find what you're looking for, then please give Head Office a call on (02) 9898 8608 or email any questions to enquires@swimart.com.au, and we will answer your questions and work with you to resolve any issues.

All the contact details you need are categorised by Support, Franchisees, Waterco Branches, and Suppliers.

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