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Swimart Home Services

04 April 2012 swimart

Swimart Home Services

Swimart Home Services

Sparkling and clean without the effort


Has the busy nature of everyday life ever caused you to put your pool maintenance on the backburner? Or have you put off dealing with a suspected problem with your pool because you just aren’t sure how to fix it? Don’t panic: Swimart has a huge range of on-site services that will solve both these issues.

Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart’s Australasian manager, says the solution is simple.

“Why use guesswork to fix a problem with your pool? All you need to do is arrange for a Swimart technician to come to you – and they will ensure everything is taken care of.”

Pool/spa Filtration Problem Solving - Filter Sand Change - Filter Clean and Degrease Service

These services address problems with your filter, pump, chlorine or other pool cleaning equipment. If you have noticed that your filter is leaking or requires more cleaning or backwashing than usual, then you may need some replacement parts or a service.

Another problem these services can help you with is filter media exiting the filter itself and floating into the pool. Small amounts of sand from sand filters can easily find their way into your pool, but large amounts of sand or chunks of cartridge aren’t good signs. You may have a broken filter lateral or standpipe, or a tear in the fabric of the DE filter grid, both of which need professional help.

“For filters to maintain their effectiveness, the media needs to be changed every few years,” says Chris. “Sand needs to be replaced every four to five years, and cartridges might need changing every three to five years.”

LIFESTYLE Valet Service - Water Health Check - 94 Point Pool Check

Swimart offers a water checking service in store, but will also come to your home and test the pool water as a part of the LIFESTYLE Valet Service, Water Health Check and 94 Point Pool Check services.

These services are particularly useful if you have a problem with algae or chlorine or pH levels. The Swimart technician can then tell you what chemicals you should be using to solve the problem, including how much and how often.

Properly sanitised water is much healthier for your family, as it prevents algae infestation and other bacteria growth; this is why checking your water balance is particularly important. Clean, sparkling water is also more visually appealing.

The 94 point Pool Check and LIFESTYLE Valet Service cover all angles of your pool, checking all pieces of equipment are in working order, a full pool vacuum and safety and water balance checks.

Pool/spa General Repairs - Pool/spas Owners Instruction Service

After buying your first pool or spa, it can be hard to know how to take care of it properly.

“We offer an instruction service to teach first-time pool owners about equipment, chemicals and general care,” says Chris. “Learning the basics of pool maintenance can save you a huge amount of stress trying to figure it out later down the track.”

As well as providing a comprehensive introduction to maintaining your pool or spa, the Swimart technician will leave you with a Pool Maintenance Booklet so you can continue to take care of your pool for years to come.

Swimart also provide a general pool/spa repairs service for those days you just don’t have the time to fix that suspicious looking algae growth, or if you aren’t sure your filter is working properly. Save yourself the hassle of trying to fix a piece of broken equipment yourself, and contact your local Swimart when you notice any part of your pool needs fixing.

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