Pool Renovations

11 April 2012

After many lazy summer afternoons, pool parties and maybe even a few daring dips during winter, your pool’s original design might have lost its appeal. But don’t despair, updating or renewing your pool can give your pool – and landscape – a well needed facelift.

Pool Renovations

Renovate your pool for life

Although renovating your pool might seem like a big, scary task, it can be done with minimum fuss and minimum cost, with huge benefits for the value of your home.

Why renovate?

Phil Snyman, owner of The Pool Renovators, says the main reason people choose to renovate is to update the style.

“I find the thing people get sick of is the shape of their pool,” Phil says. “So rather than the pool actually needing a renovation because it’s falling apart, it’s more that the owner wants a new look.”

Refreshing the look of your pool and its surrounding landscapes doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of the area, but it can make your whole outdoor area more appealing for entertaining. Resurfacing and updating all your pool equipment can also make your pool more energy, cost and chemical efficient, all without losing the basis of the pool you love.

According to Phil, even the most neglected pools can be saved.

“I don’t think I have ever come across a pool that had to be replaced with a new one,” he says. “Even if the pool is structurally damaged and needs a complete overhaul, it can be salvaged.”

Steps to success

The key to getting the best renovation on your pool is to pick a renovation company that will be involved in the process from its beginning design stages to the final filling up of the pool. That way, all elements of the pool area will be unified in their design.

“We focus on a few things when renovating a pool,” says Phil. “Upgrading the equipment, resurfacing the pool and updating the surrounding landscaping.”

The great thing about renovations is they can be as little or as big as you want; you can opt to just resurface your pool, or you can completely change your pool’s structure and add detailed landscaping.

“I’ve had clients who have spent in excess of $200,000 on renovating their pool,” says Phil. “But I’ve also had people spend as little as $4,000. Each job depends so much on what the owner of the pool wants and needs from their pool. I’d say you’re looking at between $4,000 and $15,000 to renovate your average backyard pool.”

Maintain that sparkle

In order to keep your newly updated pool and pool equipment looking and working like new, it’s important to regularly maintain and clean your pool. Keeping the water chemically balanced is the key ingredient to keeping your pool water healthy and sparkling.

In particular new landscaping will need attention, especially if you have chosen to incorporate a garden, water features or other higher maintenance options. Check for weeds trying to make a home in your new garden, and put any loose stones back in their place after heavy rainfall.

The good news is, after renovating your pool, you won’t need to think about it again for a while.

“I would say 10 years is around the time a pool needs resurfacing,” says Phil. “The landscaping is really a matter of whether you are worried about it being dated or not.”

It's a beautiful, sunny day and the swimming pool awaits.

Quick hints

  • Fibreglass resurfacing is one of the cheaper resurfacing options out there, while still giving you a stylish, smooth finish.
  • Know your budget and make sure the designers/contractors know too. This will help you make informed decisions on materials.
  • If you aren’t big on maintenance, make sure your landscaping design reflects this; otherwise it may lose its look quickly.

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