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Pool maintenance 101

04 April 2012 swimart

Pool maintenance 101

Pool maintenance 101

Swimart makes it easy!


So you have a new swimming pool. But do you know what it takes to keep a pool ready to swim? Don't be overwhelmed! With some basic maintenance, your pool will be ready to swim when you are.

Swimart offers a special instruction service which is designed to teach you all the basics about caring for your pool. This one-on-one, at-home service generally takes around 45 - 60 minutes, and the level of instruction depends on a pool owner's knowledge.

"This is one of Swimart's most popular services, as it provides new pool owners and tenants of homes with pools with vital knowledge about general pool maintenance and equipment," explains Swimart's Chris Fitzmaurice.

"Of course some homeowners and tenants have more knowledge about pools than others, so we ‘tailor' the instruction to suit."

According to Chris, the most common queries from householders are ‘green'/dirty pools, too much water and not knowing how to reduce the water levels, and exactly how to clean a pool.

Swimart's instruction service, which takes place at the householders' pool, is quite comprehensive and encompasses elements such as:

  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Balancing water
  • Backwashing filters
  • Going through the on-site pool equipment and showing householders what it's for and how to use it
  • Cleaning equipment
  • How to vacuum the pool
  • Showing how all the vacuum attachments and equipment works
  • Testing pool water
  • Basic instruction in chemicals and pH
  • How to clean the salt cell chlorinator
  • Checking all equipment (such as pumps, filters, chlorinators, cleaners) and determining if repairs are required

"At the end of this instruction, we provide pool owners with a booklet which reinforces all the areas we've covered in the session," says Chris. "We also provide them with a water sample bottle, which they can use to collect pool water and take into a Swimart store for regular, free computerised tests."

If you've just installed a new pool or have moved into a house with a pool and want to know how to look after it, don't hesitate to speak with your local Swimart store.

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