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Pool design and landscaping trends

11 April 2012

The backyard pool has come a long way since the first pool constructed with baked bricks sealed with natural tar made by the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Now in the 21st century, pools have evolved beyond their practical purpose and are now seen as an aesthetic as well as useful feature of the modern home.

Pool design and landscaping trends
Good design makes all the difference

"Having a well-designed pool and landscaping will make a huge difference to the way you entertain guests," says Jason Elboz, managing director of Space Landscape Designs. "Also, when the landscaping and pool area is done well, it adds so much to the value of your property."

With these benefits, it’s little wonder people put as much effort into their outdoors as they do their indoors. So what are the pool and landscape design trends this season?

Use the space
Jason says in terms of pool shapes, there is a strong movement towards a more streamlined pool.

"People want symmetrical pool designs rather than curved shapes at the moment," he says. "This contemporary style mirrors a similar movement in interiors towards sleek, modern design."

The demand for geometrical shapes may be driven by the decrease in size of the average backyard, which means modern Australians are looking at utilising the space as effectively as they can.

"Square or rectangular-shaped pools are easier to work into a smaller space as opposed to curved pools," says Jason. "People usually position their pools in the corner or to the side of their property, and the symmetrical shape helps maximise the space. Curved pools are also harder to finish."

Get creative
Just because the shape of the pool is contemporary, doesn’t mean the materials around the pool can’t be inspired by natural textures and colours. Indeed, Jason says natural stone in earthy tones and timber in deep hues are making waves this summer.

"The use of non-traditional pool material such as timber in the pool area is really interesting," he explains. "It looks great. In some cases, you can run the deck right up to the edge of the pool, giving the deck the appearance of ‘floating’."

Mosaic tiling is another trend-conscience choice, with shimmering hues emphasising the movement of the pool water.

In terms of garden landscaping, the focus falls to the positioning of the plants.

"A strong trend around the pool this season is screen planting," adds Jason. "This works well if your pool is positioned near the boundaries of your property, as it hides the fences and provides more privacy if you have tall plants."

There is also a demand for an easy to maintain lawn that is level with the pool area, as it unifies the whole outdoor entertainment area.

Easy does it
If you don’t have the time or money to revamp your landscaping or pool design, the easiest way to achieve a modern look is to focus on the lawn and plants. A well-kept lawn can make a huge difference to the overall look of your backyard.

"In terms of cost-cutting, buying native plants that are suited to the property will help," says Jason. "Buying relatively young plants will work out cheaper than older plants. Even though you will have to wait a few months for them to grow into the space, it is worth the saving."

Maintenance is key

Decking that runs right up to the pool looks great, but be aware it comes with some maintenance as it’s not a material that is usually used near water. To stop the timber fading, it's recommended that twice a year you oil decking that’s in close proximity to the pool, before summer and after.

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