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Pool Cleaners

04 April 2012 swimart

Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners

A little helper

There’s a mighty helpful device humming away in the bottom of your pool that saves you heaps of time and effort when it comes to keeping your pool clean and sparkling; your pool cleaner. You may or may not already own one of these, but even if you do, how do you know you have chosen the most efficient one for your pool?

Cleaners are available under three categories; robotic/automatic, pressure and suction. They all get the job done, however depending on your pool’s needs, one particular type might be better suited to you.

So which is the right one for you?

Robotic cleaners

These types of cleaners are considered the most advanced out of the three, as they work independently of the pool’s pump and filter system to clean dirt and debris out of your pool with minimum maintenance and effort on your part.

Some models even feature their own filter system, providing extra water filtration as well as clearing debris and dirt.

Being independent of your pump and filter system, robotic cleaners are not limited in their movement by a cord or hose. This means less wear and tear on the pump and filter systems.

To add to the convenience, many robotic cleaners are programmable and/or controlled by a remote. They may be the more expensive option, but they are faster and more efficient than pressure and suction cleaners.

The Admiral Ultra, Trident Robotic Cleaner and the Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Cleaner are just some of the robotic cleaners available at your local Swimart store.

Pressure cleaners

If you are looking at a mid-range price option, then a pressure cleaner is the way to go. These cleaners work with the pool’s pump system to clean the pool effectively with a combination of suction and jet action. The water pressure from the pump moves the cleaner around the pool, which gives the cleaner its name.

The main plus of this type of cleaner is that it deposits dirt and debris into its own attached mesh bag, which means it doesn’t wear out the pool’s filter or skimmer box or fill them with debris.

Suction cleaners

The most popular and cheapest type of pool cleaner, suction cleaners are fixed to the pool’s pump and act as an underwater vacuum cleaner. They are also attached to your pool’s filter system, as they need to deposit the dirt and debris they collect into the skimmer box. Suction cleaners can be used in both above and in ground pools, and are easy to use and install.

They are especially easy to programme; once they are set, they move around the pool in a specified pattern to clean all surfaces.

Swimart’s range of suction cleaners includes the Baracuda T5 Duo Suction Cleaner, Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner and Zodiac G3 Suction Cleaner.

What else is on offer

For those who believe a little manual labour never hurt anyone, Swimart still has the gear for you to clean your pool yourself including:

  • Leaf skimmers, scoops and rakes
  • Pool brooms
  • Algae brushes
  • Brush vacuum heads and standard vacuum hoses


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