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The Future Is Here

30 January 2012

Hassle-free pool cleaners on the move

The Future Is Here

There's nothing more enticing than the allure of a sparkling swimming pool on a warm day – especially when someone – or something – else is in charge of cleaning it!

It comes as no surprise then to learn that robotic pool cleaners are gaining popularity with time-poor homeowners who want to spend the day enjoying their pool instead of vacuuming it.

Today's top-of-the-line products combine user-friendly controls with water, energy and chemical conservation features. And they not only keep the pool bottom and walls clean but also act as a roving main drain by improving water circulation. This helps you maintain correct water chemistry while also reducing the likelihood of algae growth.

Advantages of robotic or automatic pool cleaners:

  • Environmental benefits: You can automatically and systematically clean your swimming pool without relying on the operation of filtering equipment. The result is a dramatic reduction in energy costs when compared to all other types of automatic pool cleaners:
    • Most suction cleaners need the pool's filtration system to operate at a higher speed, negating any energy savings from the use of variable speed pumps
    •  Pressure cleaners not only require the normal filtration system to be operating, but they also require the addition of a booster pump. This significantly increases energy consumption and ultimately cost
  • Less maintenance: Robotic cleaners vacuum and trap pool debris in self-contained compartments or bags. This technique saves you from having to do excessive backwashing or rinsing the pool's filter, which is the case with suction style cleaners.
  • Total pool cleaning: These clever little cleaners are equipped with scrubbing brushes, so not only do they vacuum the pool's floor and walls but they also scrub the actual surface, regardless of whether it's vinyl, fibreglass or concrete. This increases the lifespan of your pool and keeps it looking in peak condition for longer.
  • Clearer water for swimming: Robotic cleaners improve the circulation, resulting in less algae growth and improved water chemistry.
  • Perfect for time-poor people: Most robotic cleaners will clean the entire pool, including walls and steps, in a matter of a few hours. Simply place the cleaner in the pool & it will do the rest leaving you time for more important things in life.

pool cleaner underwater in pool with lots of leaves

Swimming pool maintenance is ongoing, and depending on the area of the country you live in, it can be a year-long activity. Algae and bacteria can quickly take over your pool water and, if it does, it can cost more to return it to optimum condition than it will to maintain it on a daily basis.

Fortunately, the current range of robotic pool cleaners is extensive enough for you to find the right one to suit your budget and your pool, be it in-ground, above ground, concrete, vinyl or fiberglass.

Top of the line cleaner

The next generation of robotic cleaners is not only engineered to make your life easier but also save you significant amounts of time and money.

Take the Admiral Plus – available exclusively from Swimart – which has a range of distinctive features including direct drive motors, quick drainage system and intelligent navigation. This robotic cleaner operates independently from a pool’s filter and pump; it also features internal motors and vacuums in water, dirt and debris through the built-in pump then filters the water through the internal filtration system.

Lightweight and easy to lift, Admiral Plus also has an in-built navigation system that prevents the cleaner getting caught on obstacles, with the intelligent programming sending the cleaner in a different direction every time to improve pool coverage.

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