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Lighten up

01 January 2012 swimart

Lighten up

Lighten up

Bring your pool and spa areas to life

Great garden design should look as good after dark as it does in the clear light of day. However, without proper illumination, outdoor spaces can easily be overlooked at night.

Creatively illuminating your pool and spa areas is one of the most effective ways to create ambiance and encourage you to spend more time outside this summer. Plant textures, tree silhouettes, pool contours and paving colours can all be accentuated with lighting, adding visual drama and appeal.

Pool lights enhance the design by drawing the eye deep beneath the waterline. They also create stunning effects when special features like step treads, wet edges, mosaic tiles and water features are properly highlighted.

When it comes to pool lighting, surface mounted lights tend to be the most economical as only one or two lights are generally required, depending on where they are positioned.

For a more subtle form of illumination, flush mounted lights (also known as recessed) have become a popular choice for contemporary pool owners. Sitting evenly with the pool wall to create a stylish, modern finish, the light is concealed in a cavity of the pool wall leaving only the lens left visible.

Flush mounted lights can be positioned on pool surfaces, along seats, underneath water features and near beach entry areas. Not only do they provide a functional service by showing changes in levels and depths but also create incredible ambiance when installed professionally.

Swimart's Britestream LED lights not only save you money but also transform your pool and spa into stunning water features.

Pool lighting has come a long way over the past few years. Energy saving Britestream Niche LED lights is a flush mounted design that utilises super bright LED's to deliver vibrant pool illumination. Using only 15 watts of energy, they have a long life span of over 70,000 hours and are available in Brite White, Electric Blue or Multicolour with nine programmable colour settings.

This is a flush-mounted light that protrudes only 11mm from the pool or spa wall. Britestream Multicoloured LED lights can produce a multitude of different colours without the need for different lens. Instead, the light's multicoloured combinations are easily programmed via its light switch.

The Britestream Multicoloured LED light has been cleverly designed with a built in colour memory that always defaults to its last colour selection. Nine different colour programs are available, including white, blue, magenta, red, yellow – green, green, aqua, slow changing colours, and fast changing colours.

Terms to know:

Durable Niche Housing -
constructed from injection moulded ABS for noncorrosive
Large Rebar Tie-backs - for ease of installation
Innovative polycarbonate lens - cools the LEDs and provides a uniform diffusion of light
Slotted Rims - assists heat dissipation and permit water circulation

Extra space - for easy coiling and storage of the light's power cord
Extra Slim Protrusion – projects only 11mm from the pool and spa wall
Precision Built – comprises of a precision built printed circuit board totally enclosed in a waterproof housing
Energy saving – uses less electricity while emitting a super bright light
Long Life – has a life span of over 70,000 hours, which is equivalent to over 30 years of illumination (based on 6 hours usage per day).
Built-in Heat Management - heat output is automatically managed by electronic circuitry
Triple seal connection - three o'rings are in place to provide a triple seal, eliminating the possibility of any leakages travelling up the power cord
Warranty - Britestream LED lights are protected by a comprehensive 12-month warranty



Maximum impact LED lights

Light Emitting Diodes – commonly known as LED's – use the same concept as fibre optics
in that they contain a spinning colour wheel that enables you to choose from an array of vibrant colours. Once positioned, the light fittings and cables require no maintenance and, because there is no electricity near the actual fitting, they're incredibly safe too.

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