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Cool pools

08 August 2011 swimart

Cool pools


We've scoured the world for some weird and wonderful swimming pools. From pools in the European Alps to pools perched high atop rooftops – some with breathtaking views – to pools on boats and on rivers – there are some amazing designs and locations!

We're not sure exactly where this pool is located (somewhere in the Alps), but it sure looks cool!

The Gallery Evason Hotel in Singapore is renowned for its industrial, artistic design – and the cantilevered,
glass-sided lap pool perched atop the stairwell is no exception!

New York City's Manhattan Island is surrounded by water, but finding a place to swim on an island with
more concrete than sand can be a daunting experience! But there are some ingeniously located pools to be found...

The Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong features a large outdoor pool with stunning views of Hong Kong Island
and Victoria Harbour. And there's also a trio of individually temperature-controlled infinity pools.

Okay, so it's only a concept at this stage, but the 325-foot Wally Yacht will have a 1000sqm deck area to accommodate
luxurious amenities and facilities including a deep water pool, a helipad, mini soccer court, tennis court and garden oasis with trees.

Where else but the Heartbreak Hotel opposite Graceland?!

Located on the Spree River in Berlin, this 2.08m deep pool is actually a converted barge. It's called Badeschiff ("bathing ship").
There's even a sandy beach and outdoor bar. Great for those hot summer days.

Good to see the pool's still standing!

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