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Illuminating nightscapes

5 July 2011

The latest in pool lighting

Illuminating nightscapes

Many moons ago, pool lighting was considered to be a practical and functional element of any pool – not least to ensure that the water was visible at night for all the right safety reasons. Today, there are a whole range of great underwater lighting options that are not only practical, but also create a wonderful atmosphere and stunning backdrop for any evening gathering.

In the past five years, LED pool lights – rather than halogen – have become increasingly popular, not least due to their ease of use, exceptional lifespan, range of colours and the fact that they use up to 75% less power than halogen lights. These ultra-low voltage lights are versatile, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

"The main advantage that LEDs have over conventional lighting is their energy efficiency," says Chris Fitzmaurice, national manager, Swimart. "An incandescent bulb wastes a significant amount of energy whilst it is producing light. It acts more like an electric heater – warming the filament before there is enough energy to create light.

"LEDs on the other hand, do not have a filament to heat, so the electrical power is used simply to generate light. This considerably reduces electricity demands."

Waterco's BriteStream LED pool light range
Available at Swimart, Waterco's BriteStream LED pool lights use super bright LEDs capable of delivering 352 lumens of light, making the BriteStream one of the brightest underwater pool light ranges available in pool shops today. Not only that, the lifespan of the BriteStream LED pool lights is exceptional.

"Waterco's BriteStream LED lights have a lifespan of over 70,000 hours, which is equivalent to over 30 years of illumination with six hours usage a day. This is compared to a halogen globe which has a lifespan of only 2,000 to 3,000 hours," says Bryan Goh, group marketing director, Waterco.

Waterco's BriteStream LED lights are available as Brite White or Electric Blue depending on the mood of your pool. Surface mounted or niche models are available.

pool LED lighting underwater on tiled pool walls

The BriteStream Multicolored LED light can produce a multitude of different colours without the need for a coloured lens, adding a warm ambience to any pool at night. The light's multicoloured combinations are easily programmed via its light switch.

The BriteStream models include a precision-built printed circuit board, totally enclosed in a waterproof housing constructed from Polycarbonate materials that are UV, abrasion and corrosion-proof.

Visit your local Swimart store for the very best advice on the latest LED pool lighting options to suit your requirements.

Halogen Vs. LED

LED lights do not require globe changing and generally will last for many years. They draw very little power however when the life of the LED is finished, you will need to buy a whole new light. Before purchasing, check how many hours of burn time you should expect from your LED light.Halogen lights will require globe changing and the globe's life is significantly shorter than an LED. How often you will need to change the globe will depend on the brand of light and again, check the recommended burn time of the globe. The advantage is you will only need to change the globe, not the entire light. The disadvantage is that a 100 watt halogen light will draw 75% more power than an LED light.

Belle maison moderne d'architecte avec piscine avec éclairage de nuit

Britestream RGB niche

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