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A pool heater for all seasons

05 May 2011 swimart

A pool heater for all seasons

A pool heater for all seasons

Waterco’s Electroheat Subzero heat pump

Getting the most out of your pool all year round has never been easier, thanks to modern developments in heat pump pool heater technology. Reliable, highly efficient and economical to run, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular with pool owners who want the luxury of swimming regardless of the season, without it costing a fortune.

Heat pumps are a great way to heat your pool water as they are super efficient and consume very little energy to operate. Unlike solar pool heating systems which rely on unreliable and seasonal direct sunlight to heat water, heat pumps extract heat from the air (similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner) and use that heat to produce hot water.

Compared to gas and electric, heat pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. And although initially heat pumps take longer than gas heaters to warm up the pool or spa water, they are much more economical and will then maintain the heating as well as gas heaters .

“There is really no contest when it comes to the difference in running costs between a heat pump and a gas pool heater. In fact, you can save up to 80% over LPG and 50% over natural gas,” says Brian Goh, marketing director at Waterco.

But the best thing about heat pump pool heaters is that they operate come rain or shine - it is the most economical way to extend your swimming season for most of the year meaning they can keep your pool or spa warm and inviting for up to twelve months of the year.

One of the most advanced heat pumps on the market is the new Waterco Electroheat Subzero heat pump available at your local Swimart store. This Canadian-manufactured heat pump will heat your pool even when the ambient air is down to 0°C.

Other innovative features include:

  • Temperature management and self-diagnosis
  • Automatic hot gas de-icing for cold climates
  • High density titanium heat exchanger
  • Weather proof cabinet

The Electroheat Subzero’s LED control panel features a continuous digital pool temperature display and incorporates a self diagnosis system. In the event of a problem, the control panel will display diagnostic error codes.

Not only that, the Electroheat Subzero also features an option to switch from POOL to SPA mode automatically via an external water pressure switch or manually via a remote control. And it’s also very quiet to run.  The Electroheat Subzero is powered by Scroll compressors, the most powerful, energy efficient compressors on the market and more importantly, the most quiet.

The Electroheat Subzero heat pump is also manufactured to withstand the toughest of weather climates, and comes equipped with Titanium heat exchangers, which have a longer life expectancy than standard copper heat exchangers. Titanium offers total protection against erosion and corrosion, it is resistant to chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt water.  The heat pump’s cabinet is also constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant proof ABS body panels that are impervious to rust, corrosion and deterioration.

How does the Electroheat Subzero compare with solar heating and gas heating?

  • Solar
    • Fuelled by the power of the sun, solar heating systems are a low-cost method of heating up your pool water.
    • As solar heating is reliant on the sun, they are best used to extend the swimming season.
    • Virtually no operating costs, just the cost of electricity to pump the pool water through the solar absorber on the roof.

Electroheat Sub-Zero

Electroheat Sub-Zero
  • Gas heaters
    • Gas heaters are the fastest method for heating your pool, providing a comfortable temperature for swimming on demand. Gas is best for heating pools or spas for short periods of time.
    • Gas heaters can easily maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather.
    • Gas heaters are effective, but expensive to operate.
  • Heat pumps
    • Heat pumps may not heat up the swimming pool as fast as gas heaters, but they are a much more energy efficient.
    • Heat pumps require a small amount of electricity; their heat energy source is extracted from the ambient air.
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