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Trends – Solar Pool Heating

03 March 2011 swimart

Trends – Solar Pool Heating


Extend Your Swim Season

Solar pool heating is a great option

If you’ve enjoyed your swimming pool during the warmer months and are looking to extend your swim season with a possible heating solution, solar pool heating is a great option.  Not only can solar pool heaters provide an additional four months of pool enjoyment, they’re extremely economical in terms of energy costs.

So how do they work?

A solar pool system consists of an array of black, specially designed plastic tubes laid out on a roof to form a mat type formation - this is known as the solar collector. The pool water is pumped from the pool filtration circuit through the solar collector and then back to the pool. The sun’s radiating energy is captured by the absorber heating the water just like a garden hose lying in the sun. The continued circulation of water through these tubes gradually and effectively heats the pool water increasing its overall temperature.

Swimart recommends Zane solar pool systems which consist of a multitude of miniature solar absorber tubes to maximise the surface area exposed to the sun. The result is exceptional heat transfer properties, whilst being UV resistant.

Advances in technology mean that more than ever, solar pool heating systems are easier to use and monitor. Zane systems feature a computerised solar controller, ensuring the pool’s temperature is constantly controlled and monitored without the need for direct supervision.

And how much do they cost to run?

The only cost required to operate a solar system is the energy required to operate the solar pump, which pushes the water through the solar absorber in order to heat the water. The chief economic advantage of solar pool heating is that a solar system pays for itself in just a few years.

For all your solar pool heating needs speak to your local Swimart professional. Swimart uses and recommends Zane solar heating products from Waterco and can arrange for a solar heating expert to custom design a system that's right for your pool and environment.

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