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Great Offers from Swimart

09 September 2010 swimart

Great Offers from Swimart
Great Offers from Swimart!
* While stocks last
Swimkleen mkII

Simple installation.
Reliable operation.
Suitable for all pool surfaces
Float arm technology
Durable, reliable & manoeuvrable
Long life hoses designed for speed
Trident Robotic Cleaner

Harness the intelligent power of the Trident.
Fully automated robotic cleaner
Designed for reliable, long-lasting performance
Weekly set it and forget it
Cost effective and easy service
Swimart's pool/spa
instruction service

So you have a new swimming pool.
Don't be overwhelmed! With some basic maintenance, your pool will be ready to swim when you are.

Swimart's pool/spa instruction service is designed to teach you all the basics - from water chemistry, emptying skimmer baskets, vacuuming your pool, using and cleaning pool equipment to backwashing filters. And we'll leave you with a great instruction booklet plus a pool water sample bottle.

Swimart's home pool services

Your car needs regular servicing - and so too does your swimming pool. But not everyone has the time to maintain their pool or spa themselves.

Why spend your valuable leisure time cleaning and maintaining your pool when you can leave it to the experts!

Our specialist technicians are fully trained to service and maintain all types of pools and spas - from expert cleaning, to algae troubleshooting, solving filtration and cloudy water problems – plus anything else that requires care or attention. Our friendly staff are here to keep your pool or spa sparkling and your equipment in working order.

Pool covers
protect your pool
all year round!

With a good quality pool cover you will save water, keep your pool cleaner, warmer
& healthier & reduce pool operating costs.
Talk to your local Swimart dealer now & start saving money.


  • Energy-saving three
    speed motor
  • 6.5 star energy rated
  • Uses almost 70% less power
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • UV stabilised & corrosion resistant

Please contact your local Swimart store for this offer

Swimart brings to you the latest in environmentally friendly pool products with the fantastic, award winning, Enviropro range from Waterco.

Save time, water & energy with
Enviropro from Swimart

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